Abteilung Tracheophyta (Gefäßpflanzen) ➔ Ordnung Caryophyllales (Nelkenartige) ➔ Familie Phytolaccaceae (Kermesbeerengew√§chse)

Phytolacca acinosa Roxb.

Indische Kermesbeere Indian poke


Phytolacca acinosa var. esculenta (Van Houtte) Maxim. | Phytolacca acinosa f. insularis (Nakai) M.Kim | Phytolacca acinosa var. kaempferi (A.Gray) Makino | Phytolacca esculenta Van Houtte | Phytolacca insularis Nakai | Phytolacca kaempferi A. Gray | Phytolacca pekinensis Hance | Pircunia esculenta (van Houtte) Moq. | Pircunia latbenia Moq. | Sarcoca acinosa (Roxb.) V. Skalick | Sarcoca esculenta (van Houtte) V. Skalick | Sarcoca latbenia (Moquin) V. Skalick |

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