Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Sapindales ➔ Family Sapindaceae (Soapberry family)

Acer pseudoplatanus L.

Berg-Ahorn Sycamore maple


Acer atropurpureum Hort. ex Dippel | Acer dittrichii Opiz | Acer erythrocarpum Hort. ex Dippel ? | Acer euchlorum Hort. ex Dippel | Acer leopoldii hort. ex K.Koch | Acer majus S. F. Gray | Acer melliodorum Opiz | Acer montanum Garsault ? | Acer nebrodense Tineo ex Pax | Acer opulifolium Thuill. ex Loud. ? | Acer procerum Salisb. | Acer purpureum Hort. ex Dippel | Acer quinquelobum Gilib. ? | Acer rafinesquianum Hort. ex Dippel | Acer ramosum Schwerin | Acer villosum C. Presl ? | Acer worleei Hort. ex Dippel |
(?: Ambiguous synonym)

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