Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Equisetales ➔ Family Equisetaceae (Horsetail family)

Equisetum sylvaticum L.

Wald-Schachtelhalm Wood horsetail


Allostelites sylvaticum (L.) Börner | Equisetum capillare Hoffm. | Equisetum silvaticum var. squarrosum A. A. Eat. | Equisetum sylvaticum f. capillare (G. F. Hoffmann) Murr | Equisetum sylvaticum var. multiramosum (Fern.) Wherry | Equisetum sylvaticum f. multiramosum Fern. | Equisetum sylvaticum f. neoserotinum Vict. | Equisetum sylvaticum f. opsistachyum Lepage | Equisetum sylvaticum var. pauciramosum Milde | Equisetum sylvaticum f. serum Lepage | Equisetum sylvaticum f. tardatum Lepage |

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