Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Dipsacales ➔ Family Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle family)

Lonicera xylosteum L.

Rote Heckenkirsche Fly honeysuckle


Caprifolium dumetorum Lam. | Caprifolium xylosteum (L.) Gaertn. ? | Caprifolium xylosteum (L.) Kuntze ? | Chamaecerasus dumetorum Delarb. | Chamaecerasus xylosteum (L.) Medic. | Euchylia villosa Dulac | Lonicera cotinifolia C. A. Mey. | Lonicera dumetorum Pers. | Lonicera ochroleuca St. Lag. | Lonicera rubra Gilib. | Lonicera vulgaris Roehl. | Xylosteon dumetorum Moench | Xylosteon vulgare Roehl. |
(?: Ambiguous synonym)

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