Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Arecales ➔ Family Arecaceae (Palm family)

Phoenix dactylifera L.

Echte Dattelpalme Date palm


Encephalartos pungens (L.f. ex Aiton) Lehm. | Macrozamia tridentata var. pungens J.Schust. | Palma dactylifera (L.) Mill. | Palma major Garsault, opus utique oppr. | Phoenix atlantica var. maroccana A.Chev. | Phoenix chevalieri D.Rivera, S.Ríos & Obón | Phoenix dactylifera var. adunca D.H.Christ ex Becc. | Phoenix dactylifera var. costata Becc. | Phoenix dactylifera var. cylindrocarpa Mart. | Phoenix dactylifera var. gonocarpa Mart. | Phoenix dactylifera var. oocarpa Mart. | Phoenix dactylifera var. oxysperma Mart. | Phoenix dactylifera var. sphaerocarpa Mart. | Phoenix dactylifera var. sphaerosperma Mart. | Phoenix dactylifera var. sylvestris Mart. | Phoenix excelsior Cav., nom. illeg. | Phoenix iberica D.Rivera, S.Ríos & Obón | Zamia pallida Salisb., nom. superfl. | Zamia pungens L.f. ex Aiton |

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