Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Malpighiales ➔ Family Salicaceae (Willow family)

Populus tremula L.

Espe Aspen


Populus australis Tenore | Populus cilicica Kotschy ex Wesm. | Populus monticola Mert. ex Loud. | Populus oxyodonta Mert. ex Loud. | Populus pendula Lodd. ex Loud. ? | Populus pseudotremula N. Rubtz. ? | Populus pseudotremula Schur ? | Populus repanda Baumg. | Populus stricta Mert. ex Loud. | Populus supina Lodd. ex G.Don | Populus tremula f. flagelliformis N. Karhu | Populus tremula subsp. microtremula (Grossh.) R. Kam. | Populus tremula var. microtremula Grossh. | Populus tremula f. parvifolia V.B. Kuvaev | Populus tremula f. sallensis L. Hämet-Ahti | Populus villosa Lang ex Rchb. ? | Tremula vulgaris Opiz |
(?: Ambiguous synonym)

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