Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Rosales ➔ Family Rosaceae (Rose family)

Pyracantha coccinea M.Roem.

Feuerdorn Firethorn


Cotoneaster pyracantha (L.) Sp. | Crataegus dumosa Salisb. | Crataegus pauciflora (Poir.) Pers. | Crataegus pyracantha (L.) Medik. ? | Gymnopyrenium pyracantha (L.) Dulac | Mespilus pauciflora Poir. | Mespilus pyracantha L. | Oxyacantha amygdalifolia Bub. | Pyracantha lucida de Vos | Pyracantha pauciflora (Poir.) M. Roem. | Pyracantha pyracantha (L.) Aschers. & Graebn. ? | Pyracantha pyracantha (L.) Voss ? | Pyracantha spinosa de Vos | Pyracantha vulgaris Lothelier | Timbalia pyracantha (L.) Clos |
(?: Ambiguous synonym)

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