Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Brassicales ➔ Family Brassicaceae (Mustard family)

Cardamine flexuosa With.

Wald-Schaumkraut Wavy bittercress


Barbarea arisanensis (Hayata) S.S. Ying | Cardamine arisanensis Hayata | Cardamine decurrens (Blume) Zoll. & Moritzi | Cardamine drymeja Schur | Cardamine flexuosa var. debilis (D. Don) T.Y. Cheo & R.C. Fang | Cardamine flexuosa var. flexuosa | Cardamine flexuosa var. ovatifolia T.Y. Cheo & R.C. Fang | Cardamine hirsuta var. omeiensis T.Y. Cheo & R.C. Fang | Cardamine hirsuta subsp. sylvatica (Link) Syme | Cardamine occulata Hornem. | Cardamine scutata subsp. flexuosa (With.) H. Hara | Cardamine sylvatica Link | Cardamine zollingeri Turcz. | Nasturtium obliquum Zoll. | Pteroneurum decurrens Blume |

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