Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Sapindales ➔ Family Anacardiaceae (Sumac family)

Rhus typhina L.

Essigbaum Staghorn sumac


Datisca hirta L. | Rhus americana Hort. Batav. ex Dippel | Rhus canadensis Mill. ? | Rhus frutescens hort. | Rhus gracilis Hort. ex Engl. | Rhus hirta (L.) Sudw. ? | Rhus hirta f. dissecta (Rehder) J.L. Reveal | Rhus hirta f. typhina (L.) J.L. Reveal | Rhus hypselodendrum Moench | Rhus typhia Crantz | Rhus typhina f. dissecta Rehder | Rhus typhina var. laciniata Alph.Wood | Rhus virginiana Garsault | Rhus viridiflora Duhamel ? | Schmalzia hirta Small | Toxicodendron typhinum (L.) Kuntze |
(?: Ambiguous synonym)

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