Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Poales ➔ Family Cyperaceae (Sedge family)

Scirpus sylvaticus L.

Wald-Simse Wood club-rush


Cyperus sylvaticus (L.) Missbach & E.H.L.Krause | Nemocharis sylvatica (L.) Beurl. | Schoenus sylvaticus (L.) Bernh. | Scirpus gramineus Neck. | Scirpus latifolius Gilib., opus utique oppr. | Scirpus sylvaticus f. angustifolius Podp. | Scirpus sylvaticus var. compactus C.Klinggr. | Scirpus sylvaticus subsp. digynus (Boeckeler) T.Koyama | Scirpus sylvaticus var. digynus Boeckeler | Scirpus sylvaticus var. dissitiflorus Sond. | Scirpus sylvaticus var. jechlii Opiz ex Nyman, nom. nud. | Scirpus sylvaticus f. jungei SoĆ³ | Seidlia radicans Opiz | Seidlia sylvatica (L.) Opiz | Taphrogiton sylvaticum (L.) Montandon |

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