Division Tracheophyta (Vascular plants) ➔ Order Brassicales ➔ Family Brassicaceae (Mustard family)

Sisymbrium loeselii L.

Loesels Rauke Small tumbleweed mustard


Erysimum loeselii (L.) Farw. | Hesperis loeselii (L.) Kuntze | Leptocarpaea loeselii (L.) DC. | Nasturtium loeselium (L.) Krause | Norta loeselii (L.) Rydb. | Sisymbrium decipiens Bunge | Sisymbrium glabratum Stapf ex O.E. Schulz | Sisymbrium loeselii var. brevicarpum C.H. An | Sisymbrium turcomanicum Litv. | Turritis loeselii (L.) W.T. Aiton |

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