Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods) ➔ Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods) ➔ Class Insecta (Insects) ➔ Order Diptera (True flies) ➔ Family Syrphidae (Hoverflies)

Myolepta dubia (Fabricius, 1805)

Gelbe Weißdornschwebfliege

Synonyms and other combinations:

Eristalis lateralis Fallen, 1817 | Musca luteola Gmelin, 1790 |

  • Myolepta cf. dubia, male  639
    Myolepta dubia (Fabricius, 1805)  Gelbe Weißdornschwebfliege   
    Myolepta cf. dubia, male
    DE, Chemnitz, Zeisigwald; 2005-06-04 14:09:48
    Image number: 639
    DE, Chemnitz, Zeisigwald
    2005-06-04 14:09:48

Myolepta dubia belongs to the subfamily Eristalinae, tribe Brachyopini.
From southern Sweden south to Spain and the Mediterranean; from Britain (southern England) eastwards through central and southern Europe (Italy, former Yugoslavia) into European parts of Russia.
Open, well-developed deciduous forest with mature and overmature trees; maquis of evergreen Quercus ilex/Quercus suber with overmature and senescent trees; old orchards with ancient trees.
Body length 8 - 11 mm; wings with a dark spot in the middle area at the front edge.
Male: Abdomen slim, abdomen segments 2 and 3 with large orange side patches and a narrow black centerline.
Female: Abdomen shorter and wider with orange spots on the 2nd segment.
Myolepta dubia flies from May to September. Adults visit the flowers of white umbellifers, Cistus, Crataegus, Potentilla erecta, Prunus and Rubus.
The larvae develop in wet rotting cavities in deciduous trees, such as beech, oak, maple and poplar. The development of larvae may take more than one year.
Myolepta dubia overwinters as a larva. The pupal stage lasts about 17 days.

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