Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods) ➔ Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods) ➔ Class Insecta (Insects) ➔ Order Coleoptera (Beetles) ➔ Family Chrysomelidae (Leaf beetles)

Cassida (Cassida) vibex Linnaeus, 1767

Rostiger Schildkäfer

  • Cassida vibex  8527
    Cassida vibex Linnaeus, 1767  Rostiger Schildkäfer   
    Cassida vibex, conf. Christoph Benisch
    DE, Chemnitz, Stadtpark; 2018-09-21 12:41:37
    Image number: 8527

    DE, Chemnitz, Stadtpark
    2018-09-21 12:41:37
    conf. Christoph Benisch

Cassida vibex belongs to the subfamily Cassidinae, tribe Cassidini.
Europe; in parts of Asia.
In all types of grassland in warm and low locations.
Size 5.5 - 7 mm; elytra and pronotum form a broad shield covering the body; pronotum with angled corners; upper side green to golden brown; basal triangle and central seam line of elytra reddish brown; distal antenna segments black; femora black on most of their length, often only the tip light.
Similar species:
Similar species occurring in Central Europe are Cassida bergeali and Cassida pannonica. They prefer to live in warmer and drier habitats.
Cassida vibex is an oligophagous species living mainly on thistles and knapweeds, but also on burdocks and artichokes. The beetle shown here was found at the edge of a damp meadow on a cabbage thistle (Cirsium oleraceum).
The females of Cassida vibex mate from April. From May to July the eggs are laid individually or in small groups of up to 7 on the undersides of leaves and covered with faeces. After 6 - 10 days the larvae hatch. They feed on the leaves of their host plants. For their protection they bear a shield of faeces and stripped off larval skins. About 8 days after pupation, the new generation hatches, which hibernates in the foliage layer or on the ground after a maturation feeding in late summer.
Natural enemies:
Known parasites of Cassida vibex are the chalcid wasps Brachymeria vitripennis (Chalcidididae) and Aprostocetus (Aprostocetus) bruzzonis (Eulophidae).

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