Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods) ➔ Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods) ➔ Class Insecta (Insects) ➔ Order Diptera (True flies) ➔ Family Syrphidae (Hoverflies)

Epistrophella euchroma (Kowarz, 1885)

Synonyms and other combinations:

Syrphus euchroma Kowarz, 1885 |

  • Epistrophella euchroma, male  592
    Epistrophella euchroma (Kowarz, 1885)     
    Epistrophella euchroma, male, conf. Ectemnius
    DE, Chemnitz, Zeisigwald; 2007-04-21 11:37:27
    Image number: 592
    DE, Chemnitz, Zeisigwald
    2007-04-21 11:37:27
    conf. Ectemnius
  • Epistrophella euchroma, male  668
    Epistrophella euchroma (Kowarz, 1885)     
    Epistrophella euchroma, male, conf. Ectemnius
    DE, Chemnitz, Zeisigwald; 2007-04-21 11:37:59
    Image number: 668
    DE, Chemnitz, Zeisigwald
    2007-04-21 11:37:59
    conf. Ectemnius

Epistrophella euchroma belongs to the subfamily Syrphinae, tribe Syrphini.
Northern Fennoscandia south to the Pyrenees and central Spain; from Britain (southern England) eastwards through central Europe into Russia, reaching the Caucasus in the south and eastern Siberia (Yakut) in Asia.
Mature deciduous forest (Fagus, Quercus) with well-developed undergrowth.
The 8 - 10 mm Epistrophella euchroma has a glossy thorax and a narrow, long abdomen with angled pairs of yellow spots that do not reach the side seam and very small characteristic yellow spots on the side seam at the level of the transitions between the segments. The scutellum is yellow hairy. The front tibiae and tarsi are yellow. The antennae are yellow in the male and brownish in the female.
The species flies in one generation from April to June. Adults visit flowers of white umbellifers, Euphorbia, Acer pseudoplatanus, Prunus and Salix.
The larvae live on trees and shrubs and feed aphids. The mature larvae overwinter and pupate in spring.
The species can be found under different genus names, for example Epistrophe or Meligramma.

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