Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods) ➔ Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods) ➔ Class Insecta (Insects) ➔ Order Diptera (True flies) ➔ Family Syrphidae (Hoverflies)

Merodon avidus (Rossi, 1790)

Synonyms and other combinations:

Syrphus avidus Rossi, 1790 |

  • Merodon cf. avidus  601
    Merodon avidus (Rossi, 1790)     
    Merodon cf. avidus, det. Bastiaan Wakkie
    BG, Naturpark Zlatni Piassatzi; 2008-08-24 16:19:59
    Image number: 601

    BG, Naturpark Zlatni Piassatzi
    2008-08-24 16:19:59
    det. Bastiaan Wakkie

Merodon avidus belongs to the subfamily Eristalinae, tribe Merodontini (=Eumerini).
Palaearctic: From Western Europe and North Africa to Southwest Asia (Merodon avidus species complex).
Mediterranean basin (Spain (coastal), southern parts of France, Italy, the Adriatic part of Croatia, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus), Serbia, eastern Bulgaria and the Crimea (Merodon avidus s. str.).
Various open habitats, such as grasslands, also open sunny forests.
Body length approx. 10 - 13 mm; slim; thorax with 4 weakly formed, white dusted longitudinal stripes; abdomen cone-shaped, tergite 2 with a pair of whitish, microtrichose spots, tergites 2 and 3 with orange side spots, tergites 3 and 4 with broad, oblique dusted stripes; tibiae usually pale.
Adults of Merodon avidus are flower visitors that feed on pollen and nectar. Larvae of the species were found in the bulbs of Ornithogalum umbellatum (Common Star-of-Bethlehem). This host plant occurs throughout the Merodon avidus range and is also visited by the imagines for feeding.
The Merodon avidus species complex includes Merodon avidus (Rossi, 1790), Merodon moenium (Wiedemann, 1822), Merodon ibericus Vujić, 2015 and Merodon megavidus Vujić & Radenković, 2016.

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