Raupe eines Admirals (Vanessa atalanta) mit Endoparasitoiden - Hymenoptera
Caterpillar of Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) with endoparasitoids - Hymenoptera

On 15 June I found the caterpillar of a Red Admiral in a leaf bag on a nettle. One day later I thought that the caterpillar wanted to pupate, but it changed its location again. In the morning of June 18th I found it at the bottom of the breeding vessel with many small freshly hatched wasp larvae. The wasp larvae were busy spinning a common cocoon. The caterpillar left the cocoon building site and survived for a few hours after the larvae hatched.
On 25 June, many nimble wasps about 2.5 mm in size hatched. In total there were at least 85 of them.