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Campaea margaritata
Campaea margaritata

Here you will find an extensive image gallery with macro photos of arthropods, and pictures of other animals and plants.

Arthropodafotos.de currently contains 9845 images of arthropods belonging to 33 orders. Formal counting delivers 354 different families and 2213 species. Of course, the last numbers are only a rough estimate, because some of the specimen are still waiting for their identification, and others cannot be identified by photos to species level.

In order to make search easier a switch between scientific (on) and English or German common names (off) in the navigation bar for the left column of gallery pages can be used. In case of non-availability of common names scientific names are used. For a quick overview of the existing images of a family you can click on "All thumbnails" in the navigation bar.

Actually, my intention was to focus only on images of arthropods, but then I met these combative squabblers, who are responsible for the formation of the small section of "large animals" containing at the moment 781 images.